Certified Senior Advisor

The need for educated professionals able to cater to the unique health, social and financial needs of seniors grows as the Baby Boomers reach retirement age, and improvements in healthcare allow people to live longer. As a Certified Senior Advisor, Kirk has received a unique education and training that compliments his professional skills to better serve the growing senior demographic.  

Seattle and Eastside area seniors now have a new resource to assist them in the aging process. Kirk Vaux, a Windermere Senior Transitions team member, has earned the certification of Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®  through the Society of Certified Senior Advisors® (SCSA).  The CSA designation in conjunction with 11 years of experience in residential real estate means that seniors and their families now have a resource they can rely on to meet their real estate-related needs.

As a Certified Senior Advisor, Kirk has received the education and training to better serve senior clients.  Kirk is required to participate in continuing education to ensure he is well educated on the changes and updates that affect the local real estate market and how these factors impact the senior client. For more information about obtaining services from Kirk Vaux, CSA, call 425.850.4570, or to verify he is a member in good standing go to www.csa.us/CSAVerifier.